Thursday, August 30, 2007

Our Adventure Begins!

August 25-27, Bayfield, WI to Munising, MI
Saturday at 3pm we depart the dock of Pike’s Bay Marina accompan-
ied by Keith’s dad, Trygve. Soon the Apostle Islands recede into a flaming sunset, snuffed out by a clear, starry sky. An almost full moon brightens the night watches of our uneventful passage. We motor through early morning mist at the entrance of the Portage Canal on the Keewenaw peninsula and then fuel up at Houghton County Marina and leave within a half hour, heading for Marquette, Michigan.

Before August has breathed its last, the first blush of autumn red tints the treetops at the shoreline. On our way, we pass close by the stone block lighthouses set firmly on the monumental boulders of the Huron Islands and Granite Island and pull in to Marquette at 8:30pm. After a forty-five minute tie-up where it’s obvious that strong winds will smack us against a rough concrete wall all night, we decide we would rather be almost anywhere else and cast off again for Munising. At 3:15am, thirty-six hours after leaving Bayfield, we arrive. We sit tight for a day and a half and wait for the winds to shift.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shakedown Cruise

In late July Keith had an unexpected opportunity to get back into practice for our upcoming trip. We visited the NiƱa (the replica of the caravel Columbus sailed) when it was docked in Ashland, Wisconsin, and before we stepped off the boat, Keith was invited to help crew her to Sault Ste. Marie. Was it the ponytail?? In any case, sailing on the high seas, 1492-style, was an offer he couldn't refuse!