Monday, November 24, 2014

The Perfect Day

October 18, 2014Lynchburg, VA
When we left Pelican in Georgia last spring, we had no idea of all that would happen before we returned. In March I wrote a blog post about our son, Sean’s, visit to the Bahamas with his girlfriend, Maggie McDonald. (See “The Perfect Week,” below). In that post, I didn’t mention the bottle of champagne on the boat ready to chill in the event of a proposal. Alas, the opportunity didn’t present itself.

Just engaged, May 25
On our drive home after storing the boat, we stopped in Chicago to see Sean on May 20. He was soon to leave for New York for a summer computer coding course and told us Maggie was coming for the weekend to help him put all his belongings in storage. We offered to come back and help out. (Incidentally, over dinner I asked Sean if he planned to propose to Maggie anytime soon. He deflected with the response, “Well, if I told you before I told Maggie, that wouldn’t be very nice to her, would it?”)

So that Saturday, May 24, we met up with Sean and Maggie in the parking lot of his building. They seemed extraordinarily happy. As we chatted, Maggie made a lot of hand motions. We were oblivious, completely missing the sparkle of the diamond ring on her finger. Until she waved it in our faces.

Married under a sheltering oak tree
They set a date of October 18, less than five months out, and Maggie’s mom, Beth Doucette, went into wonder-working mode. I’d never spent time imagining what Sean’s wedding would be like, but if I had, the reality would have eclipsed my best dreams.

Beth and Maggie worked together to create a storybook event at Boonsboro Country Club on October 18. The weather was perfect, the setting idyllic. Under the boughs of a stately oak tree, led by Keith’s uncle, G.T. Gunhus, the former Chief of Chaplains for the United States Army, Sean and Maggie became husband and wife. Every detail was perfect. Maggie was absolutely gorgeous! Sean could hardly take his eyes off her. Both the wedding and reception were beautiful and romantic, fun and elegant, sentimental and sweet.
Stunning bride!

Happy groom!

So in love

Elegant reception in the historic country club

It made it even more special that everyone in our families, from Mexico, Portland, Boston, Minneapolis, and Tennessee, was able to make the trip to Lynchburg, especially my 91-year-old mom. And it was a true pleasure to meet everyone in Maggie’s family; they’re all wonderful!
Maggie and Sean with his grandma
With both sets of parents
We love Maggie and are so happy she is now part of our family. The girl of Sean's dreams is also the answer to our prayers. We thank God for bringing Maggie into Sean's life, into our lives! This one perfect day was our greatest blessing of the year. For that and for so many other gifts of grace, our hearts are full of gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving!