Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Greetings

Little Farmers Cay, Exuma
March 27, 2016

Earlier this Easter week, forty-six people boarded a thirty-foot derelict vessel in Haiti desperate for a better life, hoping to find it in The Bahamas. Their dreams were dashed on the rocks along the shore of Little Farmers Cay, Exuma.
Beached on the rocky shore of Little Farmers Cay
Cobbled rigging
God walked this sod, pressed His holy heel into the earth, let His divinity fill a container of skin and filled His lungs with all our atmosphere of ache. We aren’t alone in this mess. Us on this pale blue dot of a planet in the vast blackness of the cosmos—we are the visited planet. He came. He sees. He knows. We are not alone. 
God is with us...
Ann Voskamp
Sunrise along the same shore
This Easter, for them and for all of us, may the sun rise with healing in its wings (Malachi 4:2). 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Exquisite Exumas

Ship Channel Cay to Black Point, Exuma
February 29 – March 14

When He made the waters around the Exumas, I wonder if God decided to show how creative He could be using just one color— turquoise. One thousand sparkling shades. We wish our camera could capture all the mesmerizing hues our eyes have seen, but it can’t compare. Here are a few pictures to give you just a glimpse of the beauty we’ve enjoyed as we’ve made our way through the Exumas chain, slowly, on island time.

Ship Channel Cay, a sports lodge for daily iguana tours from Nassau
All speared on one day - none went to waste!
Beach on Lobster Cay
MacDuffs Restaurant at Normans Cay
The thirty-year-old remains of a sunken airplane in about 8' of water
at Normans Cay; lots of coral has formed on the wreckage under water
View toward the west over the banks from Normans Cay
A section of the Exumas is set apart as a land and sea park. These islands and the reefs around them are protected in their natural beauty. Fishing, lobstering, conching, and shelling are not allowed. But the views from the hiking paths and at the snorkeling sites are spectacular. Warderick Wells is home to the office headquarters, and we spent five days there while strong east winds blew.

Mangroves at Hawksbill Cay
Southern Ray in the creek at Hawksbill Cay
The mooring field at Warderick Wells (this is the spot
where I injured my thumb two years ago)
Leaving a driftwood sign with our boat name at Warderick Wells
View to the north at Warderick Wells
View to the west at Warderick Wells
Walking on the sand bar at low tide at Warderick Wells
Chris and Eden, a delightful couple we sailed with two years ago
and again for a week this year
Rag Doll, Chris and Eden's Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 
The clinic in Staniel Cay where I first went when I was injured two years ago,
then on to Nassau
Staniel Cay Yacht Club
We support the local economy by buying lobster from "Fishy"
Sunset in the Exumas
Every night, sunset is an event. Along with many cruisers, we salute the arrival of evening by blowing a conch shell horn. The last several nights, someone has come on the radio right after sunset with the comment, “What a wonderful world we live in.” Amen, and roger that!

I see skies of blue, and clouds of white
Bright blessed days, and dark sacred nights
And I think to myself, “What a wonderful world.”
Weiss and Thiele