Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Greetings

Little Farmers Cay, Exuma
March 27, 2016

Earlier this Easter week, forty-six people boarded a thirty-foot derelict vessel in Haiti desperate for a better life, hoping to find it in The Bahamas. Their dreams were dashed on the rocks along the shore of Little Farmers Cay, Exuma.
Beached on the rocky shore of Little Farmers Cay
Cobbled rigging
God walked this sod, pressed His holy heel into the earth, let His divinity fill a container of skin and filled His lungs with all our atmosphere of ache. We aren’t alone in this mess. Us on this pale blue dot of a planet in the vast blackness of the cosmos—we are the visited planet. He came. He sees. He knows. We are not alone. 
God is with us...
Ann Voskamp
Sunrise along the same shore
This Easter, for them and for all of us, may the sun rise with healing in its wings (Malachi 4:2). 

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