Monday, October 8, 2007

Ciao, for Now...

October 2-7, Little Creek, Virginia
During a quiet week here, we rented a car—upgraded from a tiny Hyundai to a Mustang fastback!—and drove to Annapolis for the largest sailboat show in the U.S. It was our opportunity to tour the yachts that vendors exhibit at this show and nowhere else…like visiting the most expensive offerings on the Parade of Homes. No plans for a trade-in though; we still love our more scaled-down sailboat.

We drove back following the shorelines of the bay as much as possible, past historic landmarks (George Washington's birthplace, Robert E. Lee's birthplace, historic Yorktown with its famous battlefield)...and picture-postcard scenery galore. All this on a day we had forgotten to bring our camera.

As I mentioned earlier, Keith and I are taking a break from our fantastic voyage to sandwich in another trip of a lifetime. We disembark today and fly to Italy. What better place than the land of romance to celebrate our 25th anniversary!

On October 20 we’ll part ways temporarily. While I return home to Minnesota, Keith will continue on to Aleksandriya, Ukraine to help present a publishers’ conference with his uncle, Rolf Garborg. A year ago they had traveled there under the auspices of the Global Publishers’ Alliance to mentor a small publisher, Andrey Kravchenko, Andrey was so grateful that he wanted to share that same assistance with all of the other Ukrainian Christian publishers! Keith’s brother, Kjell, will join them as a technical expert for an Imagesetter that Garborg Design Works donated to Andrey.

So we will be out of touch for a while, practicing what the Italians call far niente: “the delicious art of doing nothing.” Thank you for coming with us on our journey so far! Check back around the beginning of November when we resume our trip on Pelican.

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