Friday, April 11, 2008

Places to Go, People to See

April 2-7, Man-O-War and Great Guana Cays
Before leaving the southern part of the Abacos, we made a couple more stops. After Hope Town we headed just a little bit north for a day stop at Man-O-War Cay. This island was formerly a wooden boatbuilding center. Now small shops along the waterfront manufacture fiberglass runabouts. Albury’s Sail Shop sells all kinds of colorful canvas bags and hats. It’s a quiet place that caters far less to tourists than Hope Town does. The locals are industrious and devoutly religious. Nothing is open on Sunday; no alcohol is sold anywhere on the island. We spent part of the day visiting Kirk, a man we’d met a couple weeks earlier on the ferry to Hope Town.

Back to Marsh Harbour for a few days. When it came time to leave there, the fuel docks were full. Plan B: we’ll motor to Orchid Bay Marina on Great Guana Cay to top off our fuel and water tanks. This was one of the times when Plan B turns out to be far better than the original plan! In 2004 we had made friends with the dock master, Mackenzie. He was still working there and remembered us. He said he’d thought about us many times and wondered how we were. We told him we’d talked about him often, how he gave us a ride over in Marsh Harbour when he saw us walking with groceries, how he visited us at another marina. It was great to see him again, and we promised we’d spend some time at Orchid Bay on our next trip to the Abacos. Yes, we hope there will be a next trip.

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