Tuesday, October 15, 2013

An Anniversary and a Wedding

October 15, 2013
Deltaville, VA

Today we celebrate our thirty-first anniversary. We never could have imagined then where we would be now. When I said “I do,” I was willing to sail with Keith to the ends of the earth but didn’t realize it might actually be on a boat. Little did I know when I became first mate to my captain that I was signing up for such an adventure.

I remember the first little hint, though, while we were dating. We drove past a tiny sailboat with a For Sale sign in a yard, and Keith casually remarked, “I’d like to own a sailboat someday.” Cruising down that road in land-locked Minnesota, I blithely said okay, not giving it a second thought.
Thirty-one years later, we’re so grateful for every day God has given us and the voyage we’ve been on together (which includes our son, Sean). Living in close quarters for months on these sailing trips—depending on each other day in and day out, teamwork not optional—can work like super-glue in a marriage. We’re glad it’s been a great bonding experience, as expressed by this poem: 
Anniversary dinner at The Sandpiper, Irvington, VA

“We’ve grown to be one soul, two parts,
Our lives so intertwined
That when some passion stirs your heart
I feel the quake in mine.”  ~ Gloria Gaither

Before we cast off again, we're taking a very exciting trip home for Heather Garborg and Lee Moen’s wedding on October 26. We hope their marriage will lead to all kinds of shared passions and a better life together than they could even dream right now.

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  1. Happy anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Pelican. May your trip be full of joy and sunshine and the next 31 years be filled with smooth sailing and a watertight ship! Miss you.