Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Halfway Point

September 16, Baldwinsville, New York
Morning gilds the clouds with a rosy reflection on this glorious Sunday morning. The temperature overnight was our coldest so far, and the partly cloudy skies follow along as we go, obscuring the warming rays of the sun.

The canal widens and meanders between the natural banks of the Seneca River, alternately lined with cattails and grasses, draped with overhanging tree branches, piled with driftwood, and scattered with camping trailers.

About halfway through our day, we meet the towboat Urger (you’ve gotta love the name!), one of the New York Canal System working boats. We stay the night in Baldwinsville, New York, the exact halfway point between Lake Erie and the Hudson River.

Check out the Google map I've posted at the bottom of this page with the stops we've made along the way on our journay!

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