Sunday, September 16, 2007

Local Delicacies

September 14-15, Lyons, New York
The doors to Lock 30 close behind us and a clever young heron lands on the gates and perches transfixed on the lowering waters. Fish trapped in the shallower depths become easy prey and he snaps up several delicacies.

We snap up some delicacies, too, at the Saturday Farmers’ Market in the delightful village of Lyons. Friendly local growers tempt us with colorful displays of ripened-on-the-vine tomatoes, deep purple eggplant, pure-white cauliflower, and oversized zucchini. We stock up on fruits, vegetables, and baked goods…and can’t resist a bouquet of fresh-picked flowers.

We love visiting these little towns, and it's good to take a day off. An extra day in Lyons gives Keith a chance to change the oil...and allows us to wait out the rain.

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