Friday, February 8, 2008

Down in George Town

February 4-8, 2008, Great Guana Cay to George Town
After watching the Super Bowl in Black Point Settlement, we moseyed down the west side of Great Guana Cay to anchor for the night. Sweet solitude!! We were all alone in an anchorage for the first time since we left the Apostle Islands.

Uncomfortable rollers sent us further south the next day, and we anchored in a more protected spot behind Cave Cay with several other boats. As we sat there, a brown pelican flew in and landed right behind our Pelican. We knew it was a very rare sighting—a couple weeks earlier at Exuma Cays Park, the ranger said pelicans very seldom visit the Bahamas. Keith had talked to another Bahamian man who said he hadn't spotted one around here in years.

Near Cave Cay, Keith had another rare sighting—a huge spiny lobster. He speared it and brought it home for dinner. The two of us ate as much as we could, and still couldn't finish it! Yummm.

We wanted to get down to George Town, probably the southern-
most point on our journey, this week. Claus and Rachael's daughter, Annie, her husband, Sean, and daughter, Kyah, are vacationing here, and we wanted to meet them before they leave on Saturday. Last night we took a lobster salad appetizer to their boat and had dinner together. What a great family!

Tomorrow, we want to head a little further east to see Long Island and then Conception Island before a cold front arrives here...and before Loren and Clairice fly in to George Town on February 19.

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