Wednesday, February 27, 2008

When Pigs Swim

February 21-23, Cave Cay to Big Majors Spot
Thursday we began our journey north, retracing our route through the Exumas. Loren and Clairice will fly out of Nassau on March 4, so we’ll stop at our favorite places and at some we missed on the way south.

We revisited Cave Cay and anchored all by ourselves, a rare pleasure. On our return trip to Black Point, we ate the best cracked conch ever at Lorraine’s CafĂ© and picked up two loaves of delicious coconut bread and dinner rolls that we had ordered from Lorraine’s mom on the VHF radio that morning. At Staniel Cay, we snorkeled in Thunderball Grotto again.

Then we discovered a new favorite place. Sometime in the past domestic pigs were released on an island called Big Majors Spot. They don’t fly, but when you approach Pig Bay by dinghy, that’s when pigs swim! One sow came splashing out to greet us; apparently the others are busy with new litters of piglets. She turned up her nose at the vegetables we brought but loved the raisin bread. We’re not sure if she would be inclined to bite, but Loren wasn’t inclined to find out. He landed on the beach to collect a sample of sand and didn’t let her get anywhere near him, try as she might.

We’ve had a lot of unusual experiences, but nowhere else have we seen swimming pigs!

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