Saturday, February 16, 2008

Idyllic Interlude

February 10-15, Conception Island
Sunday morning we rounded Cape Santa Maria (named for the ship in Columbus’s fleet that reportedly went down here) and headed for Conception Island. What a wonderful serendipity…we had the entire island to ourselves! We found what we had been looking for throughout the Exumas: a lovely and remote destination off the beaten path

A front was forecast to move into the area Sunday night. It brought high winds, but we were quite well protected. During the five days we spent there, only twelve hours were uncomfortable, due to a surge that rolled in perpendicular to the wind direction. If nobody else wanted to brave a front out here, that was okay with us.

The beach was the most breath-
taking we’ve seen on our trip. White bluffs formed one end of the bay and pristine, pure-white sand curved to the other. The water’s glorious shade of turquoise contrasted against the white. We walked the beach and hiked a short trail that led to another that was almost as pretty.

Keith snorkeled on reefs outside the bay and returned at sunset with his biggest lobster ever for a romantic dinner. In the photo, the plate measures 9.5" in diameter. Another day, we explored a mangrove creek inside the island by dinghy and took twelve conch. Fresh seafood!

Before our stay ended, Valentine’s Day arrived. Ever the incurable romantics, Keith and I both forgot completely that February 14 was a day of any special significance. But we agree that Conception Island itself was our valentine: an amazing and romantic place and an experience we will never forget.

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