Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Very Warm Welcome

February 19-20, George Town to Staniel Cay
Thursday, February 19, Keith’s parents, Loren and Clairice, flew in to George Town. We were thrilled to see their smiling faces! And they came bearing goodies—new marine supplies, low-carb treats, a web cam, and more.

That night Claus and Rachael joined us at Eddie’s Edgewater Grill and we ordered entrées of turtle, conch, and red snapper. After we had left, a local man chased us down on his bicycle to tell us that we had left a bag in the restaurant, an example of the helpfulness and honesty we’ve experienced everywhere in the Exumas.

Anchored right near downtown, Wednesday was a day of practical provisioning. We bought fresh meat and produce at Exuma Market and fresh bread from Mom’s Bakery van where no transaction is complete without a big hug and a “Praise the Lord!” We refilled water tanks and hauled ten gallons of diesel to the boat.

After a busy day, we enjoyed a relaxing evening. We moved across the harbor and anchored next to Kyanna. We took a dinghy tour along Stocking Island, including Volleyball Beach. Then we went to a cruisers’ happy hour on shore. Dinner with Claus and Rachael on our boat was topped off by the view of a full lunar eclipse. Sadly, it was our last dinner with Claus and Rachael for some time. We’ll go our separate ways before we meet in the Abacos in mid-March. We miss you travels!

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