Thursday, January 17, 2008

Back Home in the Bahamas

January 14-17, Nassau, Bahamas
We had a beautiful, clear day on the ocean sailing from Chub Cay to Nassau, The coral towers of the landmark Atlantis Resort rose out of the sea on our approach to Paradise Island.

For six years in the early 70s Keith lived in Nassau with his parents and two younger brothers—a kid’s paradise of snorkeling, swimming, even tent camping on the beach where Atlantis now sits. He and his brothers had free rein to explore as far as they could roam.

We explored Atlantis, ate conch salad on Potter’s Cay, and walked to Hilltop House where they had lived. It’s still standing, but has been converted into apartments surrounded by a complex of apartment buildings that block the 360-degree panoramic view they once enjoyed.

Maybe you can’t quite go home again, but there are so many good memories associated with this place. And being back in these islands feels like home to Keith. You can take the boy out of the Bahamas, but you can’t take the Bahamas out of the boy.

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