Thursday, January 24, 2008

Iguanas Galore

January 18-22, Allan’s Cays, The Exumas
The Allan’s Cays are the first stop in the Exumas for many cruisers, including us, because of their proximity to Nassau, the good holding in the anchorage, but mostly because of the iguanas. The Allan’s Cay iguanas are a protected species found on two little cays and nowhere else in the world. Even though feeding is discouraged, the iguanas waddle out of the bush in droves as soon as a dinghy lands, expecting a handout. They don’t have sharp eyesight, so they often take a little bite of finger food.

The iguanas aren’t the only local creatures that appeal to us. For the love of lobster, Keith does the hard work of free-diving fifteen feet in strong current to bring up three large crawfish. Claus, Rachael, and their friend Paul helped locate and coax a couple out of hiding. The three tails were more than enough for a delectable feast for five.

We decided to sit out a cold front at Allan’s. The drop in temperature from 85 to 70 degrees wasn’t a concern, but the northerly winds that propel the front will challenge the anchor set and whip up uncomfortable waves. Keith was very pleased with the new Spade anchor I bought him for Christmas.

We loved our introduction to the Exumas. But after being confined to the boat for a couple days (any dinghy ride would drench the occupants), it was time to move on.

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