Thursday, January 10, 2008

Out on the Ocean Blue

January 11, Florida - the Bahamas
The weather window is opening just a crack and we’re ready to throw wide the shutters and cast off. For more than a week the winds have blown from the north (stirring up massive waves in the Gulf Stream) and the east (producing waves that we would pound into). Tomorrow we’ll see more desirable southeasterly breezes. It could still be a bumpy ride, so we’d appreciate any prayers for safety and relative comfort.

Once we leave shore, Internet coverage will be spotty and our cell phone service will be suspended. We’ll do our best ot keep in touch through this blog.

Claus and Rachael are making the crossing with us on Kyanna, and we’re so happy to be traveling with them for many reasons (and no, it's not just because they have a watermaker and life raft). Our float plan is to anchor on the Great Bahama Bank on Friday and Saturday nights, then check in and spend Sunday night at Chub Cay Marina at the southern end of the Berry Islands. Here’s to smooth sailing and godspeed!

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