Sunday, January 13, 2008

Island Time

January 11-13, Ft. Lauderdale to Chub Cay
Cresting sapphire waves and surfing down the other side, we had a relatively comfortable Gulf Stream crossing. That night we anchored out in the open on the Great Bahama Bank and tried to sleep through a wild, rocking-rolling night.

Morning dawned and the light sparkled on shallower teal water. The color grew brighter as the day went on, hinting of the brilliant spectrum of blues and greens awaiting us. A calmer passage welcomed us deeper into the Bahamas.

Looking out over the vast blue expanse that ripples to places far beyond the horizon, we felt a sense of amazement and felt drawn to something beyond ourselves. We could see God’s presence reflected in the beauty of creation all around us.

Our seccond night at anchor, we dropped the hook in a pure sphere of blue, no sight of land anywhere. That was a new and strange experience!

Today we made landfall at Chub Cay after two nights at anchor and decided to stay two nights. The resort is similar to the one in West End, Grand Bahama with no town nearby, just a beachfront development around the marina.

On the way across the Bank, Keith hooked a very nice dolphin. He did a great job of landing and cleaning it while we were underway. Guess what's for dinner?

It's sinking in that we have arrived at a different place and time. A place of powdery beaches, pastel cottages, and palms waving. A place to relax and just be. Time that ticks by more slowly. Time to take a deep breath, savor the fresh salt air, slow down, and settle in. Island time: where you have just enough energy for a little snorkeling, beach-combing, and book-reading before the warmth of the sun lulls you into a nap.

Well, that sounds good, but there's always boat work to be done!


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  2. I almost fell asleep, lulled by the hypnotic words provoking my imaginings of Island Life. And just as my head began to nod, I jerked awake remembering that a minus 7 degree windchill is forecasted and I better salt the driveway again.

    Please keep those Island Breeze words flowing Pelican Poster. I'm drinking in every word.

    P.S. I didn't realize Dolphin's came in small suits. I pictured Flipper and had a hard time thinking of you eating him. Thanks for the visual correction. No offense to the Fisherman. I'm sure the fish story hails the catch as "really big."