Monday, January 28, 2008

OO7 and OOPs!

January 27-28, Staniel Cay, The Exumas
Thunderball Cave, just off the settlement at Staniel Cay, was the setting for scenes from the James Bond movie “Thunderball” (and the Tom Hanks/Darryl Hannah movie “Splash”). We really wanted to snorkel the cave, and though it was later in the day we were in the water within an hour of our arrival here.

It was low tide so we didn’t need to dive to enter the cave. Once inside, shafts of sunlight spilled through the opening in the ceiling and illuminated a spectacular array of sponges and corals ranging in color from orange to gold to lavender. To exit, we chose a small submerged tunnel and dove through. We were not disappointed—it’s no wonder this picturesque place has been featured in the movies.

As it turns out, I’m so glad we did that right away. The next morning Keith wanted to snorkel along the rocky shoreline and maybe spear dinner. I drove the dinghy back to the mother-ship and had to land it by myself against the current and in choppy seas. Just as I attempted to step off, the dinghy bobbed, my foot slipped, and I lost my grip. I crashed full force, catching my rib on the edge of the swim platform. We’ve determined that it isn’t broken (“it’s just a flesh wound”)—thank God!—but still it hurts to breathe and most movement is painful.

Our friend and traveling companion, Rachael, is a massage therapist trained in homeopathic treatments. She’s been taking excellent care of me. I’d really appreciate your prayers, too, that this injury will heal quickly and completely. Keith would also appreciate that since he’s waiting on me hand and foot now.

We did go ashore for a traditional Bahamian breakfast of stewed fish and johnny cake or grits. Then we walked around the colorful little town of Staniel Cay and bought a few provisions at The Blue Store and Pearl's Pink Market. The people who live here are delightful, so friendly and helpful and exuberant. If one is going to be out of commission somewhere, this is as good a place as any!

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